1625 Leider Drive Union Grove, WI 53182

About Us

Coleman Tool & Manufacturing Corp. was founded in 1971 by Douglas Coleman. He started his company in his garage. While working 3rd shift at American Motors Corporation (AMC) as a Tool and Die maker, Doug would work in his garage, on his own work, during the day. Being a Tool & Die maker by trade – this was to be the direction he intended for his company.

Then a neighbor, who worked for BFI (a waste removal company), came looking for help on a replacement part that they could not get delivered fast enough. This was the start of Coleman Tool & Mfg. Corp. Doug made note of the opportunity and he worked it from every angle, keeping in mind that the quality of the products he produced was going to be what kept his company growing. In 1976 he bought a 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Bristol, WI. Coleman Tool was a machine shop that, among other things, prominently produced refuse truck parts.

As he grew his parts offering, Doug soon realized that he needed to start to fabricate and weld as well, to keep up with demand. This once again propelled Coleman Tool forward into another expansion and Doug purchased another 32,000 sq. ft. facility in Kenosha, WI. in 1987.

As the business continued to grow, he wanted to make more of an effort to do more contract manufacturing, and that is just what he did. While still keeping the customers best interests in mind, he purchased the best equipment for the jobs he got that was possible. Instilling into each employee the importance of quality and customer service. He created a team of individuals that was second to none. These men and women truly care about the products they produce for each of Coleman Tool & Mfg. Corp. customers. Both aspects of Coleman Tool & Mfg. Corp. have continued to grow, and in 2007 Doug decided to combine both facilities into one 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Union Grove, WI.

To keep up with the growing demands of our customers, Coleman Tool once again need to expand.  In January of 2019 we added an additional 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space  to our current building in Union Grove, WI.